Preserving Immunoglobulin Integrity

Octagam 5% is manufactured using well-controlled processing steps designed to be gentle and to preserve the structural and functional integrity of its immunoglobulin G (IgG)1

Octagam 5% Manufacturing Image

Formulated to help mitigate tolerability issues in patients with PI1-4

Parameter Details
Maltose [mg/mL] – (no preservatives or sucrose) 100 (=2 mg per mg IgG)
Sodium [mmol/L] ≤30
pH 5.1-6.0
Osmolality [mosmol/kg] 310-380

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In a 12-month, open-label, pivotal trial in patient with PI

Tolerability Assessed
Over 12 Months

In Both Pediatric and Adult Patients*
Most Common
Adverse Reactions During Clinical Trial

Headache (15% of subjects) and Nausea (7% of subjects)

*n=46; (11 patients were <16 years of age); a total of 654 total infusions were administered. Drug-related ARs during infusion or within 72 hours of infusion in over 5% of patients.

Biochemical profile closely resembles native IgG1,2,5-7

  • Contains all 4 subclasses of IgG, with a percentage distribution equivalent to the one found in normal plasma
  • Physiologic Fc function of IgG is maintained intact

Review the manufacturing and purification process for octagam 5% here.

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