Protection Against Infection

Octagam 5% provides protection against serious infection for patients with PI1-3

  • In an open-label, multicenter study, 46 patients with PI received octagam 5% in individualized doses of 300-600 mg/kg every 3 or 4 weeks for 12 months
  • Primary efficacy endpoint: number of episodes of serious infections per patient per year.
  • Secondary efficacy endpoint: number of other infections documented by radiograph or fever during the study period

0.1 Serious Infections, Infographic

ZERO Other Infections, Infographic

  • Serious infections are defined as pneumonia, bactermia, sepsis, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, visceral abscesses, and bacterial or viral meningitis
  • Contains a broad spectrum of IgG antibodies to protect against infections
  • Serious infection rate of only 0.1/patient/year in pivotal trial
  • IgG levels after 6 months of therapy still achieved >85% of baseline
    (levels after first infusion) for both 3- and 4-week administration schedules
  • Mean 40.7-day IgG half-life in patients

Low incidence of lost daily time over 12 months2*

Days Missed Infographic
Visit to Dr-ER Infographic
Days in Hospital Infographic
Secondary efficacy endpoint: number of days of work/school missed; number and days of hospitalizations; number of visits to physicians for acute problems and/or visits to hospital emergency rooms

Total days or visits for reported events across all 46 patients was 349

*Days or visits per subject per year are estimates

To review octagam 5% clinical safety and tolerability

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