Preserving Immunoglobulin Integrity

Octagam 10% is manufactured using well-controlled processing steps designed to be gentle and to preserve the structural and functional integrity of its immunoglobulin G (IgG)1,2

Octagam Manufacturing lab worker

Formulated to help mitigate tolerability issues in patients with ITP1,3,4

Parameter Details

Maltose (mg/mL) – (no preservatives or sucrose)

90 (=90 mg per mg lgG)

Sodium (mmol/L)




Osmolality (mosmol/kg)


Download the maltose fact sheet.

Biochemical profile that resembles native IgG3

  • All 4 IgG subclasses are fully represented
  • Physiologic Fc function of IgG is maintained intact

Review the manufacturing and purification process for octagam 10%.

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