Dosage & Administration

Octagam 10% is for intravenous use only


Recommended Dose and Infusion Rate
Dose Initial infusion rate Maintenance infusion rate
(if tolerated)
1 g/kg (10 mL/kg) daily
for 2 consecutive days
1.0 mg/kg/min
(0.01 ml/kg/min)
Up to 12 mg/kg/min
(up to 0.12 ml/kg/min)

Ensure that patients with pre-existing renal insufficiency are not volume depleted; discontinue octagam 10% if renal function deteriorates. For patients at risk of renal dysfunction or thrombotic events, administer octagam 10% at the minimum infusion rate practicable.


  • Do not mix octagam 10% with other medicinal products or administer simultaneously with other intravenous preparation in the same infusion set
  • The infusion line may be flushed before and after administration of octagam 10% with either normal saline or 5% dextrose in water
  • Do not use a needle of larger than 16 gauge to prevent the possibility of coring. Insert needle only once, within the stopper area delineated (by the raised ring for penetration). Penetrate the stopper perpendicular to its plane and within the ring
  • Octagam 10% is not supplied with an infusion set. If an in-line filter is used the pore size should be 0.2–200 microns
  • Administer octagam 10%, which is to be at room temperature, only by the intravenous route
Rate of administration mg/kg/min (mg/kg/hour) mL/kg/min
First 30 min 1 (60) 0.01
Next 30 min 2 (120) 0.02
Next 30 min 4 (240) 0.04
Next 30 min 8 (480) 0.08
Maximum ≤12 (≤720) ≤0.12

Preparation and handling

  • Do not dilute octagam 10%
  • Do not mix octagam 10% with IgIV products from other manufacturers
  • The content of octagam 10% bottles may be pooled under aseptic conditions into sterile infusion bags and infused within 8 hours after pooling
  • Octagam 10% contains no preservative. Octagam 10% bottle is for single use only.
    Use promptly any bottle that has been entered or opened, and discard partially used bottles
  • Dispose of any unused product or waste material in accordance with local requirements

Please see full prescribing information for complete information on dosing and administration

Review octagam 10% supply and storage requirements here.

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